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Echo MiniTech........picture

This small lightweight, "state of the art" personal listener provides the ultimate in portable sound enhancement for use at home or out and about.
MiniTech utilizes a digital volume control that allows a wide range of volume to be easily, quickly and accurately adjusted. The addition of the active tone control allows excellent adjustability of bass and treble providing superb sound quality. MiniTech can be used with either a digital quality behind the head headset, under the chin headset or a high powered neckloop for the hearing aid user with a telecoil.
Other features
Plug-mount microphone for general listening with a 12 foot microphone extension cord for TV listening
Belt-clip carrying pouch
Headphone jack 3.5mm stereo
Specify behind the head or under the chin style headset OR neckloop.
   PART # HPI-MINITECH   $149.00

Williams Sound Pocketalker PRO.....picture    

Personal amplifier for one-on-one conversation, TV listening and much more. For those who don't have a hearing aid, but need some help hearing, or those whose hearing aid just isn't enough in some situations. Especially effective for in car conversations or in a restaurant. Compact size, lightweight, easy to use. Delivers distinct, high-quality sound. Selectable frequency response allows user to "tune" amplifier to match hearing loss. Gets 100 hours of operating time on 2 AA batteries (included) Large, easy to operate volume control. Plug mount microphone with 12' extension cord for TV listening. Attractive carrying case Three-year warranty
Choice of four listening options:
With Over-the-ear earphone Part # WM-PKTPRO1-1...$149.00
With single earbud PART # WM-PKTPRO1-2...$149.00
With walkman style headphones PART # WM-PKTPRO1-3...$149.00
With dual earbud PART # WM-PKTPRO1-4...$149.00

Induction Neckloop to use Pocketalker PRO with T-coil on hearing aid.....picture
Part #WM-NKL001...$49.00

PL40 Personal Listener - SPECIAL PURCHASE  ...picture
              - Limited Supply

This powerful amplifier allows you to hear every word loud and clear. Slim, lightweight, and compact metallic case fits into a shirt pocket. Easy to use volume and tone controls. Unidirectional microphone filters background noises. 12 microphone extension cord included for TV listening or use in a car. A padded high performance earbud (2.5mm plug) provides quality sound and listening comfort. Drop-in style charger provides quick and easy battery charging in the unit. Includes carry case and rechargeable NiMH battery. One year warranty.
AP-PL40 $129.00 SALE $85.00 while supplies last

Sonic Super Ear.....picture
Personal, lightweight portable sound amplifier For the slightly hard of hearing Sound amplification approx. 57dB Fits neatly in pocket Amplifies sound up to 100 feet Headphones and AAA battery included One year warranty
Part # HAC-SE4000X...$30.00


Williams Sound Hearing Helper        
PFM300 Personal FM System
The Hearing Helper System helps listeners overcome background noise, reverberation and distance from the speaker in classrooms and small groups, thus maximizing their ability to hear and understand.

Many applications in the classroom, TV listening, meetings and conferences, tour groups, worker training and coaching, and more!

The compact Hearing Helper FM transmitter broadcasts the speaker's voice directly to the individual listener's portable receiver for clear and easy listening even in the back of the room.

Transmitter and receiver operate up to 100 hours on 2 AA batteries (included). Also includes lapel clip microphone, soft nylon system carry case and two belt clip cases.
5 year warranty
Part # WM-PFM300SYS....$619.00

Induction Neckloop to use with T-coil on hearing aid
Part # WM-NKL001....$49.00

PFM 350 System                              
Same as 300 System above plus -                               
Receiver has an environmental microphone that can be turned on to allow users to hear themselves or those near them.
Especially useful in classrooms or meetings with group discussion.
Part # WM-PFM350SYS....$669.00

Listen Personal Tuneable FM System
High quality, high performance tuneable Personal FM systems.
This system is especially good when one or more systems are used in a single area. The transmitters and receivers can be tuned to different frequencies to avoid overlapping signals
It also makes a great personal system for someone who wants to take the receiver to several locations that may have transmitters on different frequencies. Simply press the SEEK button to find the strongest signal in your area..
Receiver accesses and displays 57 different FM channels. 
    Transmitter broadcasts on 57 different channels.
Choose 72 MHz or 216 MHz frequency bands. 
     (216 MHz band is used for longer range requirements - up to 3000 feet -, where interference is a problem, or where good sound quality is a must.)
    Optional programmable display receiver is available
    Choose Value Package with alkaline batteries or the Personal System Package with charger and rechargeable batteries.
    Comes with a 90 day performance guarantee. It must outperform similar systems in the first 90 days, or return it for refund with no questions asked.
    Limited Lifetime Warranty
Personal Value Package
- includes transmitter, microphone, display receiver, earspeaker, soft carrying case, alkaline batteries.
Part # LT-LP4 (specify frequency band).....$650.00

Phonic Ear Easy Listener.....picture
System consists of FM transmitter, receiver, lightweight headset and carrying case, rechargeable batteries and charger Improves signal to noise ratio for better understanding Ideal for TV, places of worship, important meetings, guided tours, doctor appt, etc. Easy to use indoors or outdoors Optional earbuds, neckloop, or cord and transducer with custom earmold One year warranty
Part # PE-300SYS...$650.00

Induction Neckloop to use with T-coil on hearing aid
Part # PE-AT163/543...$69.00

Note: Educational Institutions please call HARC Customer Service 800-445-9968 (269-324-1615) before ordering Phonic Ear products.

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