Digital Cell Phone/TTY & VCO

Acoustic & Induction Amplifiers for Cell Phones

In the past, only analog cellular phones could be used with a TTY. Now a new generation of digital cellular phone service is available which is specifically TTY compatible. While availability is still limited, TTY users will now be able to enjoy the benefits of digital wireless technology with TTY compatible digital cell phones.

New models of phones will be identified as TTY-Compatible or TSD-121 compatible. To ensure satisfactory operation, check with your retailer or telephone manufacturer to make sure the digital cell phone you select is a designated TTY compatible model. In addition, your cell phone must have a 2.5mm jack to connect to the TTY.

New phones that are compatible
with TTYs
will have this logo.
     TTYs that work with  digital
phones will have this logo.

The following TTYs are specifically meant to be used with the new TTY-compatible cell phones, but will also work with an analog phone and some cordless telephones.

Please Note: To use VCO (voice carry over), the person on the other end of the conversation must be using a TTY, or the call has to go through the telecommunications Relay Operator.

Q90CELL.JPG (18891 bytes)Ameriphone Dialogue Q90D
The truly mobile TTY with digital cellular phone compatibility and VCO capability.
Stylish, lightweight, easy to use, the Q90 D is designed to work with the new TTY-compatible cellular telephones. It is also compatible with many cordless telephones that have a 2.5mm headset jack. Many advanced features including a text answering machine and pre-programmed phrases that add emphasis and emotion to your message.

Part No. AP-Q90-D $249.00

compact-c.JPG (14994 bytes)Ultratec Compact/C
Compact TTY that can be used with direct connect cell phones or acoustically with a corded or pay phone.
Designed to fit in your purse, briefcase or backpack, the Compact gives you telephone access wherever you go.

Part No. UT-COMPACT-C   $299.00


pvcocell.JPG (21074 bytes)Pocket VCO Adapter for Cell Phone Use
Portable VCO adapter with a connecting cable to direct connect to the 2.5mm hands free headset jack of a cell phone. Will also connect acoustically to work on any telephone. The adapter can be straped onto the earpiece of the telephone to "hear" the TTY tones being sent, or connected by the cable (included). The message is displayed on the 2-line, 40-character display. The user speaks back into the mouthpiece of the handset. This adapter will work with most cell phones. As it straps onto the phone, a good seal has to be made to the earpiece, so the configuration of some "flip style" phones may not work. Preset VCO call request for calling ease. Backlit display. Pouch with belt loop for carrying convenience. Uses 2 AAA batteries, 4 included. Size 4.4" x 2.8" x 1.25". One year warranty.
CT-PVCO-C $229.00

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