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Note: These are mail order prices only - custom ear impressions are required for all but the Behind the Ear devices. These can be made by a hearing professional in your area and sent to HARC. Please call 800-445-9968 or email for instructions. If you are in the area of Kalamazoo MI we can provide those services for you.

ESP Electronic Shooters Protection - Hear the Difference!

It's a cold, hard fact—gunfire is harmful to your hearing. Sounds louder than 90dB, over a period of time, can damage your hearing. Normal conversation registers in the range of 45-60dB. The average gun blast can range in excess of 140dB, close to the noise level of a jet engine. When properly fitted, earplugs can significantly reduce loud noises and prevent hearing damage. ESP electronic hearing protectors are designed for a precise, comfortable fit and the ultimate in hearing protection. ESP's circuitry limits amplified output (the level of sound coming into your ear) to a safe 90dB. At the same time ESPs amplify normal sounds below 9 dB, even sounds as soft as speech and the noises of nature. Even if your hearing is already impaired, it's never too late to protect your hearing!

There are four ESP models to fit your individual needs. There are In-the-Ear and Behind-the-Ear models in both digital and analog circuits. The BTE models come with three sizes of standard earbuds. Custom earplugs are available. ITE models require custom ear impressions (additional charge from a hearing care provider).


ESP Elite (ITE) and Pro-Elite (BTE) are the ultimate in analog hearing protection.
•Low distortion and reduced circuitry hiss
•Broadband frequency response for most natural sound
•Does not "over amplify" sounds such as shells rattling
•Twin noise detectors keep speech as normal as possible while
  softening sudden, loud sounds
•Battery life is approximately 400 hours.
ESP Elite ITE ..........$795 pair - (requires ear impressions )
ESP Pro-Elite BTE...$590 pair       

ESP Digital (ITE) and Pro-Digital (BTE) bring digital sound to hearing protection.
All the features of the analog models plus:
•Full digital sound quality. Comparable to upgrading from cassettes to CDs.
•Broadband frequency response for the most natural sound quality.
• Battery life on digital models is approximately 200 hours.
ESP Digital ITE ............$2395 pair (requires ear impressions)
ESP Pro Digital BTE ....$1498 pair

Custom Earpiece for Pro- BTE Models
Better fit and protection with a custom molded ear plug for the BTE models.
Part# ESP-MOLD.....$130.00 / pair (requires ear impressions)

Non-Amplified Earplugs

 ESP Silencer
Shot-filled earplugs are great for situations like trap and rifle competition where total concentration is important. Vastly superior to a disposable plug. More mass dissipates and deflects incoming noise. Delivers much greater impact reduction than non-custom devices. Soft-flex ear mold resists shrinking and hardening. Retains custom fit for years.
Part # ESP-SILENCER.....$150.00 / pair (requires ear impressions)

  HARC Custom Earplugs
A set of custom earplugs weighs next to nothing and takes up less space than a 12 gauge shell. They fit easily into your pocket, and are more comfortable than any generic plugs or heavy muffs. There's no excuse not to have hearing protection with you all the time. You can choose from three models of plugs for the best solution for you. (All require ear impressions)
NOTE: There is no return for refund for custom earmold products. They may be returned within 30 days for remake if the fit is not right. A new set of impressions will be required for remakes due to fit.


Model #39 - Shooter's earplug with Sonic II® Valve. Lets you hear conversation or environmental sounds, but closes down with impact noise of gunfire. 17 db average attenuation, NRR 6.
Part # WT-39.....$85.00/pair

Model #47 - DefendEars filtered earplug. Allows you to hear normal conversation, yet restricts amount of loud noise that reaches your ear. 30 dB average attenuation, NRR 18. 
Part # WT-47.....$90.00/pair

Model #40 - Solid sound plug provides the highest degree of attenuation.
36dB average attenuation, NRR 25. 
Part # WT-40.....$80.00/pair


Soft molded plugs in your choice of colors - orange, blue, pink, green, yellow, purple, red, beige, brown, clear, or black. Models #47 and 40 can be made in your choice of three colors swyrled together. Please provide two sets of ear impressions.
Optional cord to connect earplugs WT-cord.....$4.00

(Mail order prices do not include any office charges.)

Non-Custom Hearing Protection

EAR 3000 Earmuff
The EAR 3000 Earmuff provides OSHA required protection for use in over 90% of all noisy environments NRR 26 Rating Part# EAR 3000..... $24.00

E-A-R UltraFit Earplugs
These classic, premolded earplugs combine optimum protection, superior comfort, and the economical advantage of repeat wearings. Soft and flexible for extended wear, yet firm enough to make correct insertion easy. Can be washed and reused. Blue vinyl connecting cord to hand around neck helps to prevent loss when earplugs are not inserted. NRR 27 
Part # HAC-3-31510.....$4.00

Classic E-A-R Foam Earplugs
Original soft polymer foam earplug. Time delay expansion makes for easy insertion. Can be washed and reused several times. NRR35.
Part#  313-1307..... $.50/pair 
Part#  313-1307BX.... $40.00 box of 200 pair 

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